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Friday, August 15, 2014

Savannah and Steven - Always a Smile!

It has been a while since I updated the blog.  Wedding season hit and my attention has been on the actual wedding and not the blog!  :)

Savannah and Steven - one of them is always cracking a smile or pulling a goofy face!  They were a treat to work with.  They were both from the area, but were students out of town, so I was asked to just cover the wedding day events.  We did manage to throw in there a night before "First Look" and temple formals session to take away some of the time pressure on wedding day.  We used the park across the street from the Mt. Timpanogos LDS Temple in American Fork.  Steven was the perfect groom and Savannah the beautiful bride for the first look.  It was beautiful.  I always tear up at first looks, there is so much emotion involved.  Here are some samples:
Next, we did our formals shoot - at the park and the temple.
The next day was wedding day!  I hope they got more sleep than I did, as I was busy editing photos from the night before for the slideshow.  But everything was perfect!  We did a few more formal shots that day, the light was just so nice!

Yes, the celebration continued.  A lovely reception that night with all the frills and color.  This post is just the beginning of all the photos from the wedding, so I invite you to click here for the complete wedding gallery!
I am sure you can see the joy and fun in their faces.  They have years of laughter to come!  Just keep making those silly faces!