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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Kiley and Cody - A Perfect Match!

Fate kinda brought us together.  The kind of meeting that normally doesn't happen.  I was having lunch with a business associate at the Thai Evergreen in Orem, Utah.  (Great food, next to Walmart:))  A good looking couple, ok, I noticed Kiley more than Cody, came walking into the restaurant and sat across the room from us.  Now, I am not one to be a creeper or aggressive when I see a stranger, but for whatever reason, Kiley and I locked eyes. 

I have worked with many models in the area and Kiley had that look.  So, after many casual glances at each other, I was determined to say hi and give her my card.  On the way out, I stopped at their table, extended my card and said that I thought she should consider which she answered that she was a model!  It wasn't a week or two later we were working together and a good friendship has developed.

So when Kiley announced her engagement and wedding plans to Cody, we started planning!  They were on a budget, like many couples are, but we made it work.  (NOTE to you brides-to-be out there... ASK ME!  I want to get you what you need and want, don't be afraid to ask.)

I really wanted to showcase Kiley for her bridal photos... and few places can match the Salt Flats in western Utah.  The Salt Flats are so unique, dramatic and wonderful, no wonder they are used for movies, photography and auto racing! :)  The key to dramatic photos, no matter where you are is the right lighting.  And sunset at the Salt Flats is gorgeous!
See what I mean?? Kiley is beautiful.  The Salt Flats are dynamic.  Together with the right lighting, we really made some magic!

Cody is Army.  Strong, trim and rugged.  But you put him in his dress uniform and he cleans up real good!  :)  Wedding day came and the time to get ready for the big moment.  Cody was cool and collected. I think his military experience makes him that way.
In the room next door, Kiley was getting it all together.  She had plenty of help, but that just makes it all the harder to not cry!
The wedding was held at the Old Meeting House in Salt Lake City, Utah.  A wonderful old church turned into a wedding/reception center.  It was a full house for the ceremony of the Officer and his Lady.
One thing I am not afraid of.. is getting the views and angles that really brings you into the wedding.  You lived it, now you can relive it up close and personal-like.  Now, back to the wedding.
I won't include in this post all the family shots and the reception, but give you just a few more of the highlights.  You can see the entire event here at my online gallery.
And finally, some sage advice from friends and family!  I am glad I brought the chalk board.

and of course.......
 It was a beautiful day.  They were a beautiful couple.  Nuff said!
We had Duke Speers and his video cameras follow us about the bridal shoot and the wedding... and that video is coming to a screen near you soon! Thanks Duke!
Again, if you want to see the entire event.... Click Here!