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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Photos in Video: A Great Way to Tell a Story

I am taking a little different approach for this blog entry.  Usually I am showing off the photos in a pretty straight forward way. But one of the ways I like to show off my work is in the form of a video slideshow.  I edit these together and show them on a large TV at the reception of the couple.

When you see the photos in motion and listen to the music, it just brings the experience to life.  So, today I will show two examples from recent weddings.

First, Chantel and McKay.  What a fun couple!  I will be up front here... Chantel is an in-law, sister to my son-in-law.  But "family" or not, it was a pleasure to work with them on their wedding.  We did the engagement photos in American Fork Canyon and Cedar Hills.  They chose to do the First Look session, which we did outside the Utah State Capital, then we did formals at the capital and at the Bountiful Temple.  Enjoy!

Chantel and McKay's Slideshow

Isn't that a great way to enjoy the photos?  I love it.

Next, another example.

Emily and Zach.  Emily is one of my favorite people on the planet.  She has been a model, photographer, and dear friend for many years.  So when Zach was ready to pop the big question, we plotted our plan.  The big moment was to be in the Cactus & Tropicals Nursery in Salt Lake City, where they met! (and later were married there too)  I was secreted behind a few tall trees and bamboo walls, while Zach led Emily to the target zone!  Oh, we had it all planned out.  She didn't know I was there, I even had to tell her a few white lies that afternoon so as not to tip off the plan.  :)  Well, as you watch the video, you will see the fun.  Made me cry too!

We shot the engagement photos at Wheeler Farm and a First Look at the State Capital, indoors this time.  Enough chat... lets watch!  (sorry, it's in three parts)

The Proposal
Wheeler Farm....burr
First Look at the Capital

I hope you enjoyed watching these slideshows.  Just another way we can make your wedding or event more memorable!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

True Gamers - Mattie and Dustin

Don't get me wrong.  I love weddings.  They are beautiful, full of love and excitement.  As a photographer, I attend lots of weddings and every one is unique.  Though sometimes weddings can be so "the same."  Yes, they are always wonderful for the couple, with pretty flowers and dresses.

Then, there are the weddings that really showcase a couple's interests and personalities.  This was the case with Mattie and Dustin.  As the title of this post says, they are true gamers!  They love their video games and wanted to make that a part of their union.  So, welcome to a traditional wedding with a splash of the gamer!

We will start with the engagement session.  We went to Bountiful, UT in a pretty little canyon/campground.  Careful of the park rangers... the parking fine is high:)
Mattie and Dustin choose to do the "First Look" session as a part of their formals.  We did this at Memory Grove and then did the Formals at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah.  This location at Memory Grove works really well for a First Look, so you will see it a few times in my galleries.
There are those game controllers again... :)  We will see them again soon, along with a surprise guest.
Wedding day was gorgeous.  A good day to be with family and friends. 
Following the wedding - ALL CHAOS BROKE LOOSE!
One of the wedding guests got a bit rowdy and needed some time out.
This was a fun addition to the wedding.  Bowzer is a favorite of Mattie and Dustin, so we had to invite him to the fun.
We will end the post with some of the reception photos... keep looking for the gamer's influence!
How can you miss with a donut bar!!
There you have it!  Mattie and Dustin had a wonderfully fun wedding!  I hope they are still playing video games together 50 years from now.

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