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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

An August Wedding - Emma & Steve

Weddings are a BIG thing.  And just about every young girl dreams of all the details, the dress, the moments, the love.  And, in all things wonderful, there is a lot of work involved!  Emma and Steve's wedding is a good example of a lot of work and planning.  Together with family members, they had a beautiful wedding and all the things that go along with the occasion.

Lets begin with the engagement sessions.  Weather is always a factor in taking photos, and it rained, it blew, it threatened.  And those conditions make for some very dramatic and fun photography.  We started at the Great Salt Lake, then on another day we did some downtown Salt Lake City.  Yes, it rained on us a few times, but the results are great!
As the days got closer to the big day, we went to the Noni Gardens in Provo for the bridal shoot.  Isn't she a loverly bride?  :)
Emma and Steve decided to do the "First Look" session.  I really love these sessions... they just make me tear up!  So often in our modern weddings, there is really no good time for the bride and the groom to see each other in all their wedding finery.  Either its under all the pressure of the wedding march or maybe without any fanfare at all.  I think the moment that a bride shows off her dress in all its glitter and glory is a wonderful moment for the groom AND the bride to cherish forever.
Another good decision that Emma and Steve made was to get most of the formal shots done in advance of the wedding day.  The big day is always so rushed and crazy, and being able to take a chunk of the crazy time off your wedding day schedule is so nice!  We finished our First Look session then went right over to Temple Square to do the formals. No rush, no pressure, great weather.  What a breeze!
A few days later.... its Wedding Day!  A warm August afternoon...and its official!
HEY!  Look who got into a photo.  Thanks to my second photographer, Katie, I am famous... or at least my backside is!  A little behind the scenes photo.  Nice.
The reception was held in the beautiful nursery in Orem, SunRiver.
And they are off!  All the preparation and work was worth it.  Congrats to Emma and Steve!

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