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Monday, February 18, 2013

A year in review - December 2012 Part 1

Decembers are always busy months.  Add a couple of weddings to that and it gets crazy busy.  This is part one of two... my December 1st wedding in Manti, Utah.  The happy couple is Elyse and Joseph Ellis.  We shot the engagements in St. George Utah, some in the famous red rocks of the area.
Elyse and I did her bridal session at the beautiful Springville, UT Art Museum.  I loved how her dress and hair were perfect compliments to the colors and decor of the art at the museum.
Isn't she a pretty bride?
Joseph and Elyse got married in the Tabernacle in Manti.  It was a good day in December for a Manti wedding.  Whew...:)
The wedding/reception hall was full of wonderful crafts and details. 
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Friday, February 8, 2013

A year in review - November 2012

As the year 2012 was coming to an end... I was busy with weddings!  Yes, I like weddings.  Big ones, small ones, in the middle ones.  And I worked on three, plus a couple with other photographers.  In November, I finished up the wedding of Mindy and Landon Hoole.  I have known and worked with Mindy for a couple of years and was thrilled when she asked me to be her photographer.  She is a lovely and extremely talented girl, and all the details she put into her wedding show it.  Her uncle Brad Sorenson shot the engagement session, so I came onboard at the bridal session!  Thats where we will start.  I am really liking the Morinda/Tahitian Noni gardens in Provo, it's a great location for a bridal session!
Mindy and Landon had their reception first, the night before the wedding in Salt Lake City. I guess if they got the wrong toaster as a gift, they could still call it all off. And since it was the night before the wedding, we did a First Look shoot... the first time Landon got to see Mindy in her wedding dress. :)
Then the real big day came.  On a clear, crisp and cool morning at the LDS Manti Temple, emerged the new family, Mindy and Landon Hoole!
Mindy has some great friends - some real supporters!
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